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Best Semester Ever: 2L Spring

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Here’s an outline of my spring semester. A lot happened…

January: The semester starts.

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2L Fall Finals

Exam 1 of 5: Tax law

I was scrubbing three inches of snow off my car at 5:30am and arrived at school by 6.

After two hours of excitement and trying to make sense of § 1031 exchanges, I went to the exam room with a pile of books and tabbed notes. I didn’t feel the least bit ridiculous carrying so much crap because these are the tools of comfort. If the professor says open note, then I will bring my notes on the not-so-off chance that I will have to look up the answer to an obscure question.

The exam consisted of multiple choice and short answer. The multiple choice questions were pretty straightforward and not as hard as the questions on the practice exam. No odd-color questions besides the 1031 essay question.

The problem I had with studying the § 1031 material is that the numbers in Professor A’s examples were off…but, tax being OVER, this is all blissfully irrelevant until next semester’s corporate tax class.

1 down. Four to go. Now, off to prepare for exam #2: Employment law.

2L Fall Finals

Bumps, infamy, and awkwardness

It’s 8:23am and 17 degrees.

I was supposed to leave for my last tax law class at 8:20am, but I am still on my street, attempting to start my frozen car.

The car starts.
It’s time to do a 3-point turn.

I move the car into the street and my brakes fail. All I can do is clutch the steering wheel and give a pathetic look as my car slowly slides into the side of the car across the street.

Luckily, my car is sliding SO slowly that I don’t leave any dents or set off any alarms. I did a quick check to see if anyone saw the hot messitude and then booked it to class.

Tax began with chocolates and veiled threats:

Professor A: “I think, when you look back on this semester, and particularly this class, you will remember that this is the first class you had at 8 in the morning…
…and now, the last day of class is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor! President Roosevelt said that this is “the day that will live in infamy” and I don’t know if that pertains to this class or the exam…but uh, I decided to start the day by giving you something. So here are some chocolates!”

Professor A ended class with a longer, prepared speech. And that was it. My tax class was over. Tax was definitely my favorite class this semester, probably because it was the most challenging. (And yes, I was a CivPro buff 1L year as well…)

The final is in exactly a week. Heavenly

My Real Estate law professor had a shorter speech:

Professor E: “Thank you for a great semester. Even from the first day you’ve been great, which is unusual…

Professor E then darted out of the room as we clapped, which was awkward, but as a 2L I have grown to expect, accept, and embrace the awkwardness that is law school.

It’s like being in a Dilbert Comic strip with heavy books and beavers instead of cats.

2L Fall Finals Joel Law School

Small victories & the Hunchback

I spent most of the day with the tax outline.

Finals preparation comes with a sense of accomplishment that is absent from everyday class reading. I love the periodic realization that a topic confusing in class suddenly makes sense! It’s like:

My tax preparation is an advent calendar of these small victories.1

I spent the majority of the semester lost and overwhelmed with information and expected not to remember anything from the beginning of the semester. But it turns out that the topics built on each other, so the early material was ingrained in me throughout the semester. Glensaw Glass, Old Colony Trust, Hickman, … I get it, I think. Maybe. We’ll see…

I also spent some time at work today. During a break, I had a phone conversation with the boyfriend. I think he understands that the next 17 days determine my grades for the semester and that I’ll shower when it’s over.2

But until then, I am in that unapologetic, self-involved, hermit mode called “law student during finals.”

The boyfriend claims to understand and says he’s supportive, but I suspect he’s thinking:  “Crap. I’m dating a hunchback.”

That’s actually a reference to Transylmania, a slapstick horror comedy we saw last night. The movie has a huge cast of characters, including a hot Romanian girl who seduces a guy online, but neglects to tell him about her hideous, veiny, hunchback.

law school dating

That sums up the situation.

The neglect has an end date (Dec. 22nd!) and I’m sure everything’s gonna be alright. Continue reading “Small victories & the Hunchback” »