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The Awful is Done!

Ding-dum The Awful is done!

That’s right! My spring brief is DONE! Yes indeedy! Blogging right now is the only thing1 keeping me from doing cartwheels around the library while screaming obscenities about the Bank Fraud Statute.

My brief is 4,060 words of pure legal genius.2 Scalia, eat your heart out!

This is the scene:

Yes I printed about a million proofs and deforested Cambodia. I apologize. It was in the name of my pass/fail legal writing class. You can blame my law school. They’ll send you some seeds to replant. Thank you.

1 Okay, Okay, Okay, plus the fact that the undergrad security monitors would take me down and give me acme…and the fact that I can’t do cartwheels…
2 Sure to-morrow I’ll find that I somehow managed to leave an important word out of EVERY SINGLE HEADER or something awful…but tonight the brief = genius!
3 As I tweeted earlier: “Okay, how about this: ignore my 2lb can of roasted peanuts and I won’t bring up your rolly-backpack. Deal?”

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    April 2, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    death to rolley-backpacks!

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