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64 ounces

So the rule here at the law school is that the week some big-honking brief is due, all of our professors are required to pack our schedule. I suspect they love seeing how busted the 1Ls are the morning we turn in the brief.

The brief is due Wednesday at 8am, so of course my Thursday-Friday Corporations class was rescheduled to Tuesday and Wednesday. The case for tomorrow is 30 pages. The Civil Procedure case for tomorrow is 24 pages.

This is why I am so grateful that I managed to get some work done during the weekend. Otherwise I would be that kid snoring in the back row of Corps.1

Tonight I’m editing my brief and then tackling the Corps and property reading.

I brought the best thing ever with me to the library:

Yes. That’s right. 64 oz. It’s glorious, and full of decaffeinated peach tea. No refills needed.

Now its time for work…

1 Jill gets to keep that distinction…

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    March 24, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Wow! Now that’s a beverage!! :-O

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