The unfreshness

I have an awkward hour-break between my classes (thanks Statutory Interpretation!) so I’ve reacquainted myself with my study carrel.

I neglected my study carrel for most of last semester…which is probably why I was exposed to the unfreshness yesterday:

Apparently sweetened banana chips expire. Who knew?

Yuck. It was one of those lingering funks too. I had scent-flashbacks all day. I swear the ghost of the banana-chip-funk followed me to the nice library last night. Uck, uck uck.

No sightings/smellings today though…

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    February 10, 2009 at 11:02 am

    ate a banana once – hated it

    ccol post


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    Best Year Ever: Outline of 1L Spring Semester | Dennis Jansen
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    […] I guess you shouldn’t leave perishables in the study carrel over […]

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