A result of going Organic was giving up Splenda.

Now, while I won’t admit to having a problem… let’s just say I used a lot of Splenda.

I usually had Splenda packets in my pocket…
…and in my briefcase.
…and in my car.
I had a box of Splenda in my locker…
…and two boxes in my room.

Splenda was delicious and always on hand.

So, of course I thought that drinking Tea without Splenda was going to be awful – but it wasn’t! Turns out that I really like unsweetened tea.

And I don’t know why this was such a surprise. I really like bitter things: I drink dry, bitter beer and prefer 90-100% Cacao to regular chocolate – so why did I need my tea had to be sickeningly sweet?

Oh well. If anyone at school needs a boatload of Splenda… message me.

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    April 22, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    unsweetened tea is A-okay in my book.

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